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I can not disselect with the lasso tool.

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I just got the new version and I can not deselect without selecting something else.

It's like the right click+select is the same as left click+select.

How I used to do it is when I selected the general area with the eclipse tool, I used the lasso tool to deselect the edges around it so I could pinpoint the selection.

I showed how to do this in the tutorial I posted about how to make a HULK Eye picture. It is in the second or third step.

But now I cant deselect anything without deselecting everything. And if I press control and then try to deselect, I deselect what I want, but it selects everything else.

It is really impeding on my work for I do a lot of Eye color changes. =\

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What you're looking for is selection subtraction, not "deselection" (that means something else -- it clears out the selection).

Use Alt+Left mouse button. I think you'll find that this works a lot better than it did in previous versions, too.

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