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Suggestions for new fooball poster needed.

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I'm trying to come up with new ideas for our school's fall football poster. In the past the team has assembled somewhere on some piece of equipment (last year it was a National Guard Tank) and tried to look as tough as a bunch of teenage boys can look. Not bad, but I know we can do better. After reviewing some of the pix on this site, I am convinced that somewhere out there someone would have some ideas for assembling a poster that the likes of our school has never seen. What do you think? Anyone?

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well you have to have at least an idea because if you want you can post your group pic and then i can put star wars "death star" behind them, but i dont think you want that.. to make a design you need to have a base pic ( your football team) from it you just add a complement

( a tank, a jet-fighter, the titatic,etc) so gl.. i hope this help you some

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