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Color Picker/Window Irritations

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I was working on a website mockup today and while producing a few different recolors I kept having to fight with the color choosers to do what I want. When using the Color Picker (eyedrop) tool, left click selects as primary color and right click selects as secondary color. This is really nice.

The color window, however, is more confusing. left- or right-clicking a color will have different effects depending on the status of the color window, what happened before you picked a color, and which phase the moon is in.

For example, say I want to make the primary color something on the palette and the secondary color something picked from the image:

-Right click on image. Secondary color set

-Left click on color in pallete. Secondary Color overridden, primary color not set. !$@#$!@#

But when I want to select two colors, both from the palette, I can:

-Left Click on Primary color

-Right Click on Secondary color

and everything works just fine.

This is at least inconsistent, and was an irritation for me tonight. I love Paint.NET so much primarily because its 99.9% free of stuff like this.

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