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Anyone know how to create a logo like this?

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Hello Unovic and Welcome to the Forum :D .  I hope you are familiar with how Paint.net works, as this tutorial is really not for a total beginner.


Here is what we are aiming for:




Plugin used are:


Edge Expander  and   Inner Shadow Expander


1. Begin with a canvas size of 800 x 600.  Draw 1/2 logo shape with Line/Curve Tool for

    one side brush width #6 & black.


2.  Duplicate the above and Flip Horizontal.


3.  Using your arrow keys on your computer, with the move tool

     move the right side together with the left.


4.  Merge the above layers.




5.  New layer and draw the inner shape with Line/Curve Tool.


6.  Merge both inner and outer lines together.  Gaussian Blur at default.


7.  Select the lines with the magic wand and Invert selection and use Bevel Selection

    with lighter colors.


8.  Copy the texture you like - i.e. th_blue-pool-s-water-texture-10347001_zp  into a new layer.


9.  Move the texture layer below the lines layer, to see it better, & resize accordingly.


       10.  With the magic wand select the inside of the outer lines.





       11.  Then move to the texture layer, invert selection and delete.



       12.  Do the same with the inner lines and either use the same

              texture, or use another one.


Note:  If the filling does not fit well in the Line, use Effects - Object - Edge Expander at

           around #4 to help the edges.




        13.  Select the outer logo layer and go to Effects - Selection - Inner Shadow Selection

               and play with the strengths to get a shadow.

14.  Use the Edge Expander to neaten the edges.


15.  Do the same for the darker smaller logo and use white for the Shadow.


16.  Draw the first small box (to go below the logos) with the line/curve tool for the first box. 

       If you draw each box side on their own layers, you can move them with the arrow keys

       to line up exactly, then you can merge the lines down for one box.  Duplicate five times

       and move them in order.  Again, use your arrow keys on your computer to move the boxes

       into alignment.




17.  Merge the box layers together.


18.  Duplicate and flip horizontally.  Use arrows to move in place.  Merge together.


19.   Using the magic wand to select the boxes, move between the boxes and color layer.

        Be sure you move from one to the other each time.  It's easy to get confused at this

         step because you will be switching between the Magic Wand, the Gradient, the Color

         Layer and then back to the box layer and the Magic Wand. 





20.   Finally, you can lighten up the lines layer with the Brightness/Contrast and you could

        duplicate the colors layer and change the layer mode for a different color.  I used

        Reflect in the final image.









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