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Is code submission possible? (not in form of plugins)

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This used to be an email I sent to Paint.NET contact address, but it looks like for some odd reason I can't receive any mail from hotmail account. So here it goes in slightly modified version.

First of all let me congratulate a great piece of software you are developing. :) I like it a lot and I'm coding texture generation plugin for it to automatize some processes for my Master's Thesis. I wanted to share some modifications to the core code as well. But the question is: do you accept any code in other form than plugin itself? Is there any place where you coordinate your work? (it's a bit of waste of time to code any feature which you probably brewed and commited into your source depot already.)

So far I'm working on some CodeLab improvements and I modified plugins handling code so it is possible to manage them in subdirectories (it should come in handy with plugins amount increase in the future). Screenshot below.


TIA. Best regards,

Dominik Dalek

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