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How would I be able to change a picture to 256x196 and .bmp?

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I just recently download this and am currently at a loss on how to change to size of a picture to 256x196 while saving it as a .bmp folder. For instance, the picture I want to change the size of is this:


I want to resize it to 256x196 and then save it as a .bmp file (which I know how to make it .bmp in the end). Thanks for your time.

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No, it kept on changing the other value to maintain aspect ratio. I just forgot to uncheck the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" box. Oops. Problem solved.

While you're not changing the aspect ratio by much, you may also want to consider resizing and then cropping off the extra 11 pixels from the top.

Also, if you're resizing for a DS screen, they're 256x192

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