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A request

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Could i ask for two favours please

favour 1) please could someone make me a sig

render) a cartoon pig with wings flying through the sky

words) in the top left hand corner can it have 'You know your in trouble when pigs start to fly...'

then in the bottom right hand corner 'trainman2'

It would be great if sumone could make me this

favour 2) Please could sumone make me a 52x52 avatar of a cartoon pig

If sumone could spend the time doing this it would be great thanks

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Hello there, trainman2.

"Unfortunately we cannot do your work for you but if you are looking for some help there are some brilliant tutorials at your disposal and you can also post in The Image Hospital for suggestions on any current attempts."

- Courtesy of sabrown100 before an accidental deletion.

Now a great answer has been put forth, I can get on with the moderating stuff.

According to the Rules, your topic title breaks #6 as it gives absolutely no definition to what you're asking for. A good topic title clearly indicates to users what you're enquiring after and a user who is more attuned to the request is more likely to help out. 'A request' doesn't tell anything, does it? Imagine if the entire forum was littered with 'help!', 'need an answer'. Ludicrous it would be, utter madness. And a pain to search for previous topics of interest.

Also, you break Rule #23, whereby we do not accept solicitation. That might sound an extreme term to use, but you're asking for someone to do the work for you. We are here to help others, sort out problems, bugs and other issues, but are not here to do the bidding of users. We are not slaves. You should not be lazy. However, we all have our lazy moments, and perhaps creativity is not your strongest asset, which is where dedicated forums come in, ones where they freely welcome requests such as this. If you Google around I'm sure it wouldn't be too long before you'd find one.

Just remember, this forum is not one of those.

Because of the above two points, I'm going to have to lock your topic.

This is nothing personal and we'd be more than pleased to see you back again soon. But before you leave, do take on-board sabrown100's sterling advice. I could not have suggested better myself.

Enjoy the rest of your day trainman2. :)

Topic locked

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