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Is there?

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Hello there,

Im new to paint.NET. I was just wandering if there are any other thing that you can do with just the basic paint.NET. Things like the flames. This is what i have done so far thanks to your tutorials...

Yes, you can do many many many! things with PDN(seriously just look at the sigs. people have created), theres is actually a flame plugin. There is also a tutorial on how to create flames its titled "start a fire with paint.net" just look carefully at the tutorial titles. 8)


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Hello Welsh Boy.

Yes, Paint.NET is capable of both the image you provided plus so much more. There are virtually no limits with Paint.NET.

As mentioned by xxiboyxx, you can visit the Tutorials forum and browse through the many tutorials offered by the users from these Forums, which also includes many techniques and methods that can be applied to other, worldly tasks.

Now for the nitty-gritty: your topic title breaks Rule #6 as it gives absolutely no definition to what you're asking for. A good topic title clearly indicates to users what you're looking/asking for and a user who is more attuned to the request is more likely to help out. 'Is there?' doesn't tell anything, does it? Because of this I'm going to have to lock your topic.

This is nothing personal and we'd be more than pleased to see you back again soon. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day Welsh Boy.

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