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  1. I try, but it doesn't work. I create 2 video to show the behavior, in the 1st I use the drop down menu with the numbers, after the deformation the number value remain highlighted and Grid Warp doesn't work (both the 1st time and the effect repeat time), in the 2nd video i use the more/less density grid button and it works. If you see the 1st video in slow motion, when i press "Ok", the deformation grid seems to reset itself before closing the Grid Warp windows. 1.wmv 2.wmv
  2. 1st sorry for my bad English This plug-in is very usefull, but I encounter some problem using it (Paint.net 3.5.10 and Win XP, italian version with SP3). Sometimes the "deformation" doesn't happen on the image after i click on OK button. After some try it seem that this behavior occurs when i change the number of row&coloumn with the number selector in the "Grid size" menu. If i change the number with the 2 "grid" button the plugin works, if i change the number/s and then use the zoom it work, if a write a new number and then make the wrap (deselecting the number in menu) it works. But if i change one or both numbers and then make the deformation, they remain selected (see the attached jpg), and when i press OK the wrap disapear (as if I had changed the grid density resetting it) and the deformation doesn't occour. It's a bug or I'm do something wrong? thanks in advance for yours replies
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