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  1. You have a Lamborghini Gallardo, but the manufactures for got to put in the engine. Two days later, it blows up. I wish that I.........umm............. wait I'll get this... OH i wish i had a 1/2 tb portable harddrive
  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick responses. Normally I try not to make small threads like this... anyway thank you!
  3. Just how off topic is the 'off topic' section? Just asking. also, is there a way to delete a topic that you made yourself? simple questions.
  4. Wow i don't know how long pixel art is supposed to take, but here is my first attempt. This took about two days. In case you couldn't tell, this is a roof-pool with a glass bottom, and a giant window so you, the viewer, can see in. Heh, i saw the size on the forum so I enlarged it try to withhold your excitement. Emoticons ARE punctuation
  5. wow, i really stink at this. makes me mad. i hate my life. i really do. I no longer hate my life. Because this is my first time using Paint.NET (for art) and i made this:
  6. Why doesn't it download? i hit the link and click 'download' and nothing happens Sorry Google Chrome was being stupid, nevermind!
  7. You may And its more like time to clean up all the other terrible paint programs Thanks again!
  8. I don't think that worked.... HOLY COW IT DID!! (Look only 2 exclamation points, not 20) #Sohappyexclamationpoint My dad says more than one exclamation point is evidence of a deranged mind.
  9. Yeah, i tried that.. Didn't work. However i will try the registry thing. I'll edit the post when I'm done! thanks for your support! P.S. Shouldn't you be a mod or something?
  10. navigating folders in my computer? I'd say I am fairly well adapt at that. Manually editing the reg.? I try not to... But I have some experience.
  11. Well... i guess i'll try to use some other program... *gags* oh well... yeah....... NO so far every other program i try STINKS... I'm gonna go fiddle more now..... "GIMP 2.1.8 was successfully removed from your computer" Let the banners fly and the trumpets blow!
  12. Absolutely NO dice... and now... I am sad... oh well... i guess...
  13. UPDATE: Well, I was poking a round and i found that paint.NET no longer exists in the add/remove programs list. i am now going to try a few solutions AGAIN derpface. UPDATE2: Hmmm... not working so far... UPDATE3: Cleaned reg. backed it up. installing... DARNIT! .... grrrrr that didn't work. Finalupdate: Well I think I'm giving up. I tried everything. one last note, may be important: The paint installer tries to "remove previous version". just saying... well... darn anyway thanks for your support. I'm glad you helped... sort of anyway, farewell! EDIT: I am still excepting help....
  14. I have no clue when the files were deleted, or when whatever happened happened. PLUS i honestly don't trust windows that much... It could have been over 6 months ago...
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