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  1. I love the grunge-fade look at the center of this one!
  2. Thanks. My result: Pretty awesome. Going to try using something like this behind one of those Planet Tutorials - see what effects we can get.
  3. The image for Step 3 (which is apparently important) isn't showing up. Mind reposting?
  4. Oh wow, this is amazing. I've got to try to make sense of the tut sometime and try for myself. Great work. EDIT: Tried one. ^_^ wow Noticed a couple things whilst making it. 1. The backfilling is required because for every pixel you move the popout one way, it reverses its appearance the OTHER way (works on two planes - left/right and front/back. So you're actually making a DOUBLE sterogram, one in front and to the left, one behind and to the right [in the tut's moves]). 2. This is more easily noticable on not-very-well-tiled backgrounds like mine, but every stereogram has the image dr
  5. Mine : With cities Without cities Made one without cities cuz I didn't have much land on the night side - so I think the cities looked a little odd in the small quantity. I also stuck a few *very* minor tweaks in there. GREAT tutorial, love the finished product. EDIT: Decided to take another swat - this time with an oldish-dying planet. Result: Dead Planet I ended up with something that looks like I took a watermelon's color scheme and made it into a heavenly entity. Bleh. AND I chose the most HORRIBLE angle for the left/right ring - running right along the shadow made finding where
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