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  1. Pixey

    Do You think this would be suitable?


    As to the next SOTW#167  I thought a good one would be " Your Favorite  Place  Signature"

    Basically, you will make a signature based on your favorite, or a famous place.  For example:  The Eiffel Tower, 

    The Grand Canyon, The Great Barrier Reef, Hokitika Gorge , The Czars Place, 221B Baker Street, Calgary Stampede, Chichen-Itza, The Great Wall of China, Cliffs of Moher,Oresund bridge, Rosendal Palace, and so on  and so on.;)

    The only the limits are those as required by the Paint dot Net rules, for the places. This gives members a chance to explore their own country's places  or anyone else's. Wherever in the world where their interests take them.

    Think about it and get creative, you can feature a place(s) you admire.

    1. Scooter




      I'm such an idiot......I meant this to be a message not some darn status update......getsmileyCAC3L3QS.gif

  2. Today My new /replacement computer is on line. the excitement of a new computer is tempered with the need to re-down load all the Effects  that were "lost" in the shuffle- Oh well on word and up weird --sorta


    1. LionsDragon


      Congrats on the new computer! Sad about the other one though.... :(



  3. My level of maturity depends on who I’m with

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