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    Anime, Manga, Aikido, drawing, sleeping, PDN, eating, Bleach (the anime not the cleaning product), Chrono Crusade, Literature (esp. good quotes), learning, good people to hang with, family, Full metal Alchemist, Religion, Criminology (I dont study it, but want to!), justice, honour, good morals, virtues, antique things and books!

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  1. hey, i like your interests :)

  2. Mabye you can draw it your self using the line/curve tool.
  3. Welcome! Its nice to see young people (Im 14) joining good forums such as these.
  4. Thanks! Everyone seems to like it! Lots of people added it onto their faves on DA!
  5. out of a storybook? You could have mabye a book and story characters (elves, fairies, witches, princesses etc) popping out...
  6. I did an anime eye : using this tutorial on deviant art Anime Eyes tutorial Hope this helps!
  7. @welshblue and @mountnman, Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Thanks! I wanted the skin and the surrounding areas to look like the skin of a magazine model (They call them glamour portraits i think) but it didnt really work so I just softened it.
  9. I tried to do that but it was really hard and takes a long time... you just use the curvy line tool
  10. I draw like literally draw anime and do other things on PDN that you can do on photoshop. I have a laptop and i use both a tablet and the mouse thing on the laptop so I reckon that PDN is a free, generous program to use instead of photoshop... but thats my opinion, yours could be different
  11. @JaffaCoder, thanks for the easy run-down on it! @yellowman, heres a good one http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x71/aliyyy/photo%20manipulation/PmtriptoMoon.jpg @welshblue, thanks for the tutorial link and tips @watsonrew i didn't exactly get what you were saying... sorry im russian!
  12. @minners71 thanks that explanation really helped! Here's my result! I also softened the picture and added text:
  13. Hello I'm a newbie to paint.net an I want to learn how to do photo manipulation! Like this: or some thing as simple as putting sunglasses on a cat for a start Any one have any ideas, tips or tutorials?? Thanks in advance
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