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  1. I did those thing its keeps saying the file is corrupted when i do.. my system is a vista and i only use firefox for my browser sooz any other ideas
  2. ok deleted and re-downloaded the app it works just fine my next question once i finish and save how do i upload it and to a site and animate it cause atm its keeps saying error and wont upload anywhere and when i change it from .apng to .png it flattens into only one layer
  3. yeppers i did but it didnt work, even tried .agif neither worked
  4. It is the the filetypes folder.. when i saw it wasnt working yes i did try to move it to effects to see if it would work that way but it didn't so i put it back in filetypes folder.. I even tried moving the who filetypes folder to the effects folder u can probably guess that didn't work either but i figured wth ill try and see never know.. dun worrie i put it back where it actually goes usally ill play with something a few days and i usually find out what im doing wrong or what the problem is but I'm really at a loss here on this.....
  5. ermm i download this plugin but i cant get it to work at all?? i know how to install pugins and all my other plugins work just fine?? but every time i try to load a gif image it only gives the the first frame nothing eles.. none of the other frames are comming up??? any ideas on this??
  6. Cool easy to understand tut tyvm!! I pretty new to this so I get lost easly but didnt have any problems following ur directions heres my attempt hand some trouble with the shading so i kind of shorted the that area and put in an image to hide it lolz
  7. ok im new been following and testing out the how to tut's and have to say im learning and loving it.. but i ran across a tut that calls for using line tool and i dont see it on my tools list.. i went threw my effects list and not sure if its called something else and im just too noobish or just blind to see it so my question is is the curve/line tool a plugin i need to get or am i just blind please help me
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