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  1. That wood looks realy real Heat Stroke
  2. So here's my go at, it and of course 100% PDN Hope you like it
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    Fidling around with unfocus See first post
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    Posted a new image, got the idea from here
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    Thanks Jerry533482, Any tips on how to get rid of that aliasing problem? Tried feathering and erasing at low level transparency?
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    That's strange jerry533482. Every time i load the page it shows the pictures nicely. Here's a new one i made with this tutorial from Yellowman.
  7. My latest, 13-01-11 And another animated one 05-01-11 This is what i would share with you all. Here's the original. Show hidden And this is what i made of it Show hidden New wheels with coloured brakes, new grill, chrome frontbumper terraincover, chrome trimming on the doors. So, please give me youre opinion (or advise) My latest work 13-12-2010 14-12-2010 15-12-10 My attempt at an animated PNG
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