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  1. hmm the problem with the text is not good at the moment Also the "selection brush" would be great. But thanks for the help starting with Paint.Net!!!
  2. Hey Guy I just discovered Paint.Net and found the GUI is very clean and comfortably looking. For some reasons I'm missing some functions. Maybe I don't found them. 1) Is it not posible to add/remove another selection to/from an existing one? 2) Is it not Posible to edit once created Text. 3) Is there a way to add some Layer Properties? Like drop shadow, glow, ... (also for Text) 4) Is there a liquify filter brush to shap pictures? 5) Is there a "selection" brush. so that I can creat selections using a brush tool for exactly creation? Hopefully anyone could help me and solve this maby last problems befor I can use Paint.Net for the rest of my life
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