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  1. The plugin crashes paint.net: pyrochild_plugins_2009-11-30 Paint.NET v3.5.1 (Final Release build 3.51.3610.35022) new project-> select the tool : ok new project-> make a selection -> select the tool: crash If there is a selection it crashes, must be some bounds limits
  2. Hi, this is a modified version of the Cellmaker plugin by Ego Eram Reputo. Use Effects->Render->CellMaker Rev Download Link > CellMakerRev.zip I needed to see the center of borders, so i quickly learned how to write a plugin (thanks to CodeLab ). Reading the original post and answers I used the MadJik's coding approach for efficiency. Here is what it does: + entire/not entire cells option + choose start grid reference + move grid + show borders centers + a lot faster then the original plugin - it has the same flaw of the original plug
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