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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply Sarkut, I guess I had a different idea of how the clone tool works... I had assumed that when I made a selection (the anchor point?) with Control-click, then I could clone that piece as often as I wanted, where I wanted. Would i be right then, in saying that this is not he function of the tool? Because to clone a portion of an image in several locations I would have to Control-click again in the same spot to reset the anchor point. Thanks for the information, I can see the purpose of the clone-stamp a little better now.
  2. Hi, I'm a new user but I've also been having problems with the clone tool. What seems to be happening is when I hold done Control to select the area to be cloned, it creates two circles so I can only COPY from one circle to another (not across layers, or freely clone). I've attached a screenshot showing the tool creating a carbon copy of the original image (on the left). The copy (on the right) is slowly being built up each time I use the tool. Obiously, if I try to 'clone' away from the original image it is just copying the canvas so it looks like nothing is happening. I've also tried using the rectangle select to slect an area first, but this doesn't work at all (for me). The second screenshot shows the rectangle being used. To use the clone tool, I'm holding down Control then left clicking to select then just left clicking to 'paste'. I'm running Vista SP2 (build 6002) 64 bit and have .NET framework v3.5 Sp1 with the latest version of Paint.NET (3.5.1). EDIT TO ADD: I've run pdnrepair.exe, which finished successfully but the problem remains. Screenshot 1 showing the clone tool 'Copying' the original image Screenshot 2 showing the clone tool with an area selected first
  3. Thanks for the tutorial, actually learned a lot from doing something so simple. Here's my try
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