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  1. Is there some format the image needs to be in? I'm just doing this to a JPG that I dragged into as a new layer (nothing on the bottom layer). I don't think this matters, but I'm about to give up on this. The feature does exactly what I need, but it's useless if I can't get it to work.
  2. Still no luck...I'm thinking it must be something related to running Win XP in VMware Fusion on a MAC. The other functionality of seems to work. I can simulate the clone stamp function by doing color picker and picking the color I want and then painting over the areas to be modified with the paintbrush, but that is definitely a pain.
  3. Yes, I understand perfectly the problem is it doesn't work. I hold CTRL and click the area to be cloned and then release CTRL and draw over the area I wish to change while holding the left mouse button...this does nothing. Maybe I should try reinstalling?
  4. This seems like it should be an easy fix, but I've searched for a few hours and had no luck, so I thought I'd try here. I'm using in a virtualized XP disk in Vmware's Fusion on Mac OS X (10.6.2). When I attempt to clone stamp a jpg image, nothing happens. Most of the other functionality that I have tried works, but I only really need the clone stamp function, so I haven't tried everything. When I say it doesn't work, the image doesn't get modified. I can select the Clone Stamp tool, which gives me a circle with a crosshairs in the middle (I made it fairly large) and a small box inside the circle. When I hold down CTRL, the box inside the circle becomes an anchor-like symbol. So then when I click while holding CTRL, the anchor-like symbol goes away and it is just a circle with a smaller crosshair in the middle. My assumption then is that I let go of CTRL and let go of the mouse button (left btn) and click the left button where I want to clone over. Pushing the left mouse button results in the smaller crosshair and the box symbol that was inside the circle, but there is no circle. And nothing happens when I move the crosshair around. It also didn't do anything if I continued to hold CTRL down. There may be something really simple that will fix this, but I haven't found it. If you know of the solution, I would really appreciate it! Thanks! mtguy720