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  1. thanks for the circular text info, once you said polar inversion,the voices in my head said "Duh". But I do have the same problem with teh black box issue. I saved it to my desktop as "Rotating Text.agif" then renamed ot "Rotating Text.gif" but it just came out to be a black box. I'm more than certain I followed all the steps, which probably means I missed one lol. Any help would be nice, thanks
  2. I have downloaded many of the plug-ins located here and they are very good. This one seems like it will be fun to play with but I cannot seem to get it to download correctly. Unlike the other .dll's this one makes a folder within the "effects" folder and I cannot find it when I open Paint.NET and look under effects. Anybody wanna tell me what kind of brainiac mess I have made or how to get this working?
  3. I really like this effect a lot, I used it not on lettering tho, I used it on radiant as well and, as a paint.net 6 week veteran with all of 3 months total experience in graphicware I came up with this.
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