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  1. Thanks for the advice, and I just added a couple more!
  2. After trying (and failing) many times, here's my outcome: Then, I tried some of the methods in this tut to make my own, more personalized spacescape
  3. If I'm not mistaken, pics posted in the Pictorium must be 100% PdN, which means that everythng was created with PdN tools, plugins, ect. Resizing other pictures made elsewhere doesn't count Edit: ^^Taken from Pictorium Guidelines
  4. Hey, I'm Emerald, or Stephieyy, whichever....I'm new to posting in the forums, but I've been lurking for a while. Tell me what you think! NEW! My beautiful cousins I took the picture of the flower, but not of them. Heeeerrrreee Chickey, Chickey! 100% pdn changed my flowers rainbow! New abstract. I call it 'curtains' What a gem! 100% pdn ABSTRACTS Hidden Content: So, when I first downloaded pdn, I did what most new users do: grabbed a bunch of plugins, and went crazy with polar inversion After I calmed down a little, I did a lot of abstracts, here are a few of my favorites: This is called 'Rainbow Marbles' This for some reason reminds me of birds, so this is called 'Bird wings' This sort of reminded of that nickelodeon show 'Jimmy Neutron' that I watched when I was like 6....so it's called 'Neutron Marble' This reminded me of a greenhouse window, so it's called 'psycadellic window' This is called 'Stained Glass' This sort of reminded me of different layers of colored tracing paper, so it's called 'Tracing Paper' New abstract. I call it 'curtains' MADE USING TUTS Hidden Content: So, after I got the abstracts out of my system, I looked around the forums at some tutorials. I made changes on most of my results. I don't have the exact names of each of the tuts, but all of these images below were made from other's tuts, with some changes. Here are some of the results: So, I saw a tut that taught how to make ribbons, by MadJik, and I created this. I call it 'Gas Puddle' I learned how to do this from topHATslash's tut. I added the text and the heart using the same method. I made this using ash's tut, but I made a lot of changes. I made this with Oma's tut...I didnt make any changes (that I remember) but I did use it to make a later project. I made this using jsonchiu's tut for the planet and rings (changes made) The background is my own design, and the text at the bottom right was made using tylerdx1993's tut, again, with changes This was made using ash's gem tut, using ideas from both versions, and a couple ideas of my own. This was made following Frozen_byte's tut. After using their tut, I used some of their ideas, and added some of mine, to make this : REALISTIC Hidden Content: This was started with oma's tut for a pear, and I decided to expand my pear into a whole basket of fruit. The basket partially came from methods in one of ash's tuts (I'm pretty sure), but the apple, orange, and grapes are all mine. 100% pdn Since I'm such a big Harry Potter fan, I had to try to create a Golden Snitch. 100% my own, and pdn. I used the picture below for reference: Here, I decided to experiment with metallic texture, so I made Sweeney Todd's Razor. 100% mine and pdn, using the below picture for reference, though I changed the design on the case of the razor: I'm a huge Twilight fan, as you can tell by my username, so I decided to create Rosalie's necklace. 100% mine and pdn, using the below pic for a grid (you know the method, make a blank grid and a grid on the picture and then try to make each square look the same?) I was bored, so I made a Rubik's Cube...yay! I tried my hand at making a sunset....100% mine! I decided to try to make my guitar on PdN....after, I decided to make a background-type-thing out of it: I also decided to try to make a candle...credit to -expiration- for their tut on making flames. I used their ideas from the tut, altered them a bit, and made the flame and smoke in the pic with it--candle, dish, and match are 100% mine. HEEEEERRRREEESSS BUMBLEBEE!! Sorry for the caps, I now have an obsession with Transformers...not my best work but it took 5 hours... Heeeerrrreee Chickey, Chickey! 100% pdn What a gem! 100% pdn PHOTO MANIP Hidden Content: I decided to try to edit some eyes....the originals are on the bottom, pics taken from photobucket My beautiful cousins. I took the picture of the flower, but not of them. I took both pics, and used pdn to merge them. changed my flowers rainbow! And, that's the end! (for now) Any comments/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sure I followed all of the rules, but if not, please let me know. Thanks for looking! EDIT: added Rubik's Cube 7:33pm 5/26/09 EDIT: added both spacescapes and the sunset 5:56pm 5/28/09 EDIT: added two guitar pics 1:42pm 5/29/09 EDIT: added eyes and candle 5:42pm 5/30/09 EDIT: added Bumblebee 10:47pm 7/5/09 EDIT: added a BUNCH of new things 10/3/09
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