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  1. ^ nope < just found out theres no school on monday! v has school/work on monday
  2. @welshblue: it's smudge and your submarine/island is amazing. besides the floating island :shock: and the other things people pointed out, i can't see any flaws, it's talent i'll never have
  3. ^ needs to see Titanic! It's so amazing! < has never heard of that site and has no clue what TBPM means v will hopefully tell me what TBPM means because they're nice
  4. ^ is right. < is watching Titanic v cried while watching Titanic
  5. yup! Its a duckling! And I like the spacescape, you used gravity for the space rock in the foreground, right? A few things, just my opinions: the space clouds seem too blue, maybe lighten them a bit? Also, the planets seem too detailed, for them to be in the background. Maybe blurthem a bit? But overall, amazing
  6. ^ is random < got over Twilight a while ago, and is just too lazy to change their sig and av v is probably just as lazy
  7. done, you now have to go on the floor. I wish I wasn't sick...
  8. ^ Is right in saying most people here are sick. I wouldn't be able to be here, if I wasn't, I'd be doing Homework! < Is watching Harry Potter on Disney, and is not disney-channel-age v Is jealous that I'm watching Harry Potter
  9. -raises hand- I have a problem! My two best friends are fighting. Over a guy. And I'm caught in the middle. AND, I have the flu. I have no clue if this thread is still even on topic, but there you go.
  10. ^is very wrong < Has the flu v will probably be healthy, with my luck
  11. yes, If you're changing little things like wheels, people who aren't obsessed with cars won't know what you did. I agree (again) with Flip, post some originals, just so we can tell what was your work, and what was already there.
  12. haha ya, its seems like I only get time to really create when I'm out of school, sick....I have the flu this time not H1N1, though, thank god. Thanks for the comment!
  13. @AFG: I love it, It's talent I'll never have...I think the sky should be a bit blue-er but that's just my opinion. @yy10: It's not failed at all! It just seems like you put a lot of work into the dino, and then jut made a background in five minutes. work more on the background. Anyone have comments about my newest piece? I havent done a great background, but I want to be completely happy with the chick first.
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