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  1. ^ nope < just found out theres no school on monday! v has school/work on monday
  2. @welshblue: it's smudge and your submarine/island is amazing. besides the floating island :shock: and the other things people pointed out, i can't see any flaws, it's talent i'll never have
  3. ^ needs to see Titanic! It's so amazing! < has never heard of that site and has no clue what TBPM means v will hopefully tell me what TBPM means because they're nice
  4. ^ is right. < is watching Titanic v cried while watching Titanic
  5. yup! Its a duckling! And I like the spacescape, you used gravity for the space rock in the foreground, right? A few things, just my opinions: the space clouds seem too blue, maybe lighten them a bit? Also, the planets seem too detailed, for them to be in the background. Maybe blurthem a bit? But overall, amazing
  6. ^ is random < got over Twilight a while ago, and is just too lazy to change their sig and av v is probably just as lazy
  7. done, you now have to go on the floor. I wish I wasn't sick...
  8. ^ Is right in saying most people here are sick. I wouldn't be able to be here, if I wasn't, I'd be doing Homework! < Is watching Harry Potter on Disney, and is not disney-channel-age v Is jealous that I'm watching Harry Potter
  9. -raises hand- I have a problem! My two best friends are fighting. Over a guy. And I'm caught in the middle. AND, I have the flu. I have no clue if this thread is still even on topic, but there you go.
  10. ^is very wrong < Has the flu v will probably be healthy, with my luck
  11. yes, If you're changing little things like wheels, people who aren't obsessed with cars won't know what you did. I agree (again) with Flip, post some originals, just so we can tell what was your work, and what was already there.
  12. haha ya, its seems like I only get time to really create when I'm out of school, sick....I have the flu this time not H1N1, though, thank god. Thanks for the comment!
  13. @AFG: I love it, It's talent I'll never have...I think the sky should be a bit blue-er but that's just my opinion. @yy10: It's not failed at all! It just seems like you put a lot of work into the dino, and then jut made a background in five minutes. work more on the background. Anyone have comments about my newest piece? I havent done a great background, but I want to be completely happy with the chick first.
  14. ya, I was wondering the same thing
  15. :shock: Forum rules say not to post anything that isn't a tutorial in the tutorial section. Just so you know....
  16. its ok, you want to use feather more and get rid of unwanted pixels, especially in the IE piece...also, these are very simple, you might want to do more to them, but keep up the good work
  17. I like your spacescapes The only comment I have is to maybe use less stars in them because they are a little much....but very good!
  18. @janettsue: Thanks, and I totally agree As for my username, I am one of thousands of Twilight fans, and my favorite gemstone is an emerald, so that's where it came from...I'm actually italian and french canadian 8) ***added some more pics
  19. I think you should change the very back layer to a different color, too much blue for my taste. But, it's very good for someone just starting out. Keep up the good work!
  20. @Oma: Thanks It's so nice to see people take intrest in each other's work here @Ash: I kinda feel like I'm talking to royalty I owe any talent I've developed for PdN to the people who write amazing tutorials for people like me to follow Thanks very much. @KillerK: Thank you, I'm glad to get positive feedback on those, especially since I wasn't sure if they were that great...
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