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  1. Hey Everyone Im new here, and I was wondering how to post images. It haunts me.... :shock: Please help :wink:
  2. Really nice work Kemaru :!: My favorite out of all was the music note A/S on the front page. How would we do requests? Are you still taking them? Once again, very nice work.
  3. I love the Combee banner, it reminds me of my brother. You do extraordinary work, I couldn't ever do that. Great Job RedJiggly [[Offtopic]] Did you make your avatar?[[Offtopic]]
  4. I quite like it Cetanu. You shouldn't discourage your work though, it lowers the quality of some of your work. (I have no idea if this is true, but I abide by it.) Still, I quite like the skull to the side. Nice work.
  5. Wow Kemaru, I love your whole "Beachy" theme. Its a lot better than anything I could do! :)Im not very educated in the whole PdN system, but to improve your image you could soften the photo a bit and somehow make it seem as though the sun is shining on it. Just some advice Ill try my hand at a desktop
  6. Thank you for the help Ouchy. Now I can finish that signature thanks to you Thanks again!
  7. Thank you for posting this As you can see, I am a new member. This thread was quite useful for me, Good job!
  8. Hey Everyone. Im quite new here, and everyone has been talking about rendering. I haven't got a clue what that is. :oops: I had been searching around the forums and found an amazing signature that I had to try out. Too bad I only got to the third step because I had trouble with, as the creator wrote it, "Crop the render and paste it into the signature." Could anyone tell me what a render is?
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