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  1. I apologize if I'm reviving a "dead" topic, but I must say, thank you very much. I have Photoshop CS5 at my school and I make lots of artwork, but now I can make stuff almost just as cool here at home. Very well written, and I thank you for that. Brusheezy is a site I use at school as well as MyPhotoshopBrushes.com. Neither are bogus or spam, and have no viruses in the downloads.
  2. I apologize. I feel incredibly stupid. I was searching .psd using the forum search function and that came up with nothing. Literally, nothing. I was probably doing something wrong. Thank you for dealing with my apparent laziness (I'm not usually lazy, I'm good at figuring things like this out on my own) and stupidity.
  3. I was having problems with the plugin index and the search came up with nothing.
  4. Well, I reinstalled my computer about a month ago and I'm currently taking Computer Gfx at school. Luckily for me, we get to use Adobe Creative Suite CS5, but they are on Macs. The bad news is, I no longer have the plug-in I used to open .psd files. If you aren't familiar with .psd, it's the file extension Photoshop uses default (it supports layers and smart object I believe, among other things). So my question: can anyone link me to a topic or download for such a plug-in? I know they exist.
  5. So I'm new; I'm sure you can see that. I've tried to find some topics to help me, but I cannot seem to find any. So I have this very small image I would like to have the corners transparent. I know I have to slide the Alpha thing to 0, but when I put the image where I'm using it, the color does not appear transparent; I've tried a bright cyan color and a pink-purple color, but no cigar. If anyone wants to see the image, here it is: Picture (on BrickShelf)
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