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  1. Thanks I tried that and it works now we can have someone like a mod or admin come and lock this thread.
  2. Okay does anyone know how we can get on staff do we need to help out the site or like do we need to have a post count because if I could become on staff I would love it but is there anything that you can do to become on staff because my other site has a topic the moderator or admin choice thread where you can say someones username to become on staff but the people that are on staff right now will talk about the guy that people want a lot or just somebody that is getting a ot of people saying that they want them and if the staff thinks that they will help out the site then they might put them o
  3. How do you copy a picture if the copy button is grayied out because that is what my copy button is so how do I copy and when I hit ctrl+c and then when I hit ctrl+v it says there is nothing on the clipboard so does anyone know how to fix this.
  4. Very nice dude I just got them and they work like a charm who would not like this stuff I have no idea. but if they hate it then they do not get these because these things work so good I make signatures and these are best for stuff I need.
  5. Ok When I went into paint this morning trying to make a sig all my colors on the color wheel was gone too so I CAN ONLY USE BLACK does anyone know how to fix this problem.
  6. Ok I just have a question does anybody out here have a painr.net sig tut for me because I reall need a tut on how to make a sig in paint.net.
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