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  1. What they said, and by clicking on the .zip link...yes it exists, cause I clicked it and downloaded them all about 10-30minutes before I read this which was hours ago... Here: Photoshop Major Same exact as before, just I uploaded to mediafire for quicker download.
  2. its gone o.0 Not only that, what's filefactory? 'vista?' just use mediafire, really easy and completely free, and no download link wait.... Well either way reupload the vista letters to some site (hopefully mediafire) cause I wanna see these xD
  3. Take a look at my pic, color steganography. It says what I have to say about this plugin.
  4. That's pretty cool, the water makes it look nice, also I love how the buffalo bills logo is hidden lol.
  5. not at all what I wanted but... I say that so far brad's is the best, the flames actually go around the letters, I wanna see how brad did it lol.
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