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  1. Not bad,itll be a good one to jam out on and start learning,youll always upgrade during your journey as a musician,seems like a decent beginner guitar.
  2. I would rather have a bit more complex password and ensure that all the post that are made are mine and my info is safe than trusting my account under weak security,in the end your getting the better end of the deal with a password system like this one,plus if you stay logged in on your computer,it shouldn't be that big of a deal to you
  3. Awesome,no matter how expensive or how cheap,always take care of your guitar and it will take care of you too! Have a pic or 2 of it?
  4. I really like the colors in the text and the shading around the letters,but it just being text leaves a bit to be desired 3.5/5
  5. @Jake2k Looks really awesome man,its going to be a great wallpaper but it makes a very solid sig aswell,i dont think you could have had a better font for this sig,its perfect! @JJgunz Out of the 2 i like the first one the best,to me the colors seem to work better and it just makes it more esthetically pleasing and more in depth
  6. also if its not just a look your trying to create but the text itself maybe check out http://www.dafont.com see if they have what your looking for
  7. Nice look and feel but im not much of a fan of sigs based mainly around a stock image,a bit small for a sig but overall not bad for what it is 7/10
  8. wow that came out really nice! Well done! It makes me want to reach in my screen and take it lol.
  9. Hey welcome to the PDN forums!
  10. @oma and LFC4EVER Thank you very much for your comments,i'm really glad you like my work so far,i just started doing graphic art,well actually visual art in general in the beginning of December,Before that all my artistic abilities went to music but i felt like it was time to cross into visual arts. I really do appreciate the comments,they make me feel like i'm moving in the right direction art wise. As far as then antialiasing,i believe i did use it but i made the mistake of not creating the sig in a bigger size then sizing down after which i think would have made it look better. Again thanks for the comments,i'll be sure to update my gallery with finished projects as they are made.
  11. I feel the same way about your avatar as i do about your sig lol nicely done and conveys the feel of the game well 8.5/10
  12. I like it a lot its a grungy type sig and i feel the slots on either side with curve give it a lot of character 9/10 and yes it is 100% paint.net,i don't use any other art program at the moment except PDN
  13. Awesome idea,while i only use PDN for now,i can see how this just made things a lot more convenient for multi-program users.Way to go!
  14. Its really well put together and maintains the same feel that the game gives off 8.5/10 also i havent played the game but i used to try to free run/parkour a few years back and it looks like a fun game,i may have to hit up blockbuster or something!
  15. Thanks,i really appreciate it a lot.That was a very fun one to do!I actually did it on my laptop while sitting at an ihop lol.
  16. Lol thanks Jake,one day im hoping to tackle a tech sig but i definitely think thats a bit down the road.
  17. One thing i thought was interesting was on the locked thread the dancing girl from barkbark00's iPod add,he gave the link to the original image,and the original image for his design of the girl dancing was taken down the street from my house! Just thought that'd be a little "small world" moment
  18. thanks i really appreciate it,im still new to the whole graphic art thing i've only been doing it since but i look at the sig i released yesterday and at my other stuff and i really feel i've reached a new level out of beginner since my older designs,which is inspiring and encouraging to me.I like your sig as well.I'm a fan of half life myself,it looks good,reminds me of when he gets stuck in the transporter from 2
  19. Has a cool artistic feel to it but a tad plain 7.5/10
  20. Absolutely,the more you listen to the more you will become inspired and in different ways as well,a well rounded musician makes well rounded music. Also,don't get me wrong line6 is good and if your looking for a practice amp with effects and dont mind a low quality amp with decent effects then the line 6 should be sufficient but when/if you start gigging i think its best if you stray to a different amp company. I personally have the line 6 pod xt live floorboard so i have my effects covered so i personally would be going for a different kind of amp,but i do like line 6 effects a lot,much better than the digitech stuff,boss has some nice effects as well. But honestly if your looking to get a nice beginners set up/home practice set up for cheap,pick yourself up a squire strat,a peavey blazer or rage amp and a zoom 505II guitar effects pedal,all these items are relatively inexpensive and i think it will definatly cover more than a lower end line 6 amp and give you much more control
  21. Yeah,when it involves more clicking to read the tutorial than to actually create the design itself,its a bit much lol
  22. @survulus Line 6 amps are decent but you are paying for the effects more than the quality of the amp.They are good practice amps because you have tons of effects at your fingertips and you can switch easily to play whatever song or genre' your looking to play but if you have effects pedals or just aren't going to use anything other than gain and clean,then i would say go to a different amp.Line6 you get decent effects and a mediocre amp otherwise,so basically if your not buying for the effects then you may want to shop around other brands a bit more. @LJXD I totally agree,i play guitar,bass,drums,cello and some keyboard,It has helped me grow as a musician throughout my life and i will continue to pick up other instruments.I listen to every kind of music,from instrumental classical to the heaviest death and black metal out there i like pretty much everything.The more music styles you listen to the more you will grow as a musician and start incorporating techniques from many into your playing and develop your own style.
  23. Looks awesome Jake,love the sigs,everything flows really well and looks great!
  24. Strats are a good place to start,they are one of the most versatile guitars out there.An acoustic/electric wont technically be the best of both worlds its the sound of an acoustic just with the ability to amplify it Every guitar has its own feel aswell,if you try out 2 of the exact same strats they will feel different.just another part of finding the guitar best for you.
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