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  1. Trust Rick,he hasn't let us down so far,without him none of us would be here on these forums,none of us would have PDN,some of us wouldn't have developed our passion for graphic art without him and his program.Just something to keep in mind.
  2. looks pretty good i like it,gives it an action feel but maintains a good middle ground to where its not overdone.
  3. Look up tutorials on how to work with gradients,then you'll get an idea of how to color the text accordingly.
  4. Just wanted to stop in and tell you that i really like your current sig,you did a good job on the reflection and to me the letters look like they are suspended which gives of a neat overall effect.Nice work!
  5. I don't think its exactly a halt,i think Rick is just taking time to get things in order and making it the best it can be before the new release.Instead of making a new little release every time theres a small update,he is probably just going to release it all at once. PDN is a solid enough program to not need constant updates and with all the plug-ins you can download,technically PDN gets new features often.
  6. Its a decent sig but it seems a bit cluttered and has kind of an unnatural flow 3/5 But your current sig i actually like quite a bit and while you didnt ask for it i'd like to rate it.The colors are nice and the overall idea of the sig is really well.For a sig like i feel some of the curves should be touched up a bit and theres a small white part on the far right side on the edge that looks a bit out of place but overall i really enjoy your current sig. 4/5
  7. firefox has a free png animator plug in,might want to check it out
  8. yeah youll get it down it just takes alittle bit to get your hand wanting to do it on its own
  9. That is a fun song to play,the intro is fun aswell
  10. Nice sig,to me it looks like bits of metal stuck to a big magnet.Pretty neat idea but seems like it could use a little more of something.3/5
  11. Well plug-ins are basically add ons.They can be new blurs,renders,really anything someone wants to code and add to the program.,some prove useful and some end up not being used,but these plug-ins keep things evolving and sometimes will add just what you need to get the job done. Also,this area is for publishing the plug-ins only,hence the (Plug-ins-Publishing Only) posted with the thread.Please familiarize yourself with the rules before posting or this topic can be locked deleted,or they may just move it,but to make it easier for you and other users please read The Rules http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Welcome to PDN forums and happy posting!
  12. Cola

    My Artwork

    Got some decent looking stuff,very abstract feeling. I know your new here,so first,welcome to the PDN forums! As a member here you do have to familiarize yourself with the rules and if you would like to use this topic as your gallery,name it something like "HJK187's Gallery" something a bit more detailed to make it easier for users to browse.Also you may want to consider posting clickable thumbnails linked to the full size picture instead of posting the full size images.Things like this will help you keep a clean gallery,make it easier for others,and keep you from getting your posts deleted or locked. Give these a good read and again welcome to the PDN forums! The Rules http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446
  13. Happy birthday!!!!!! Thank you for the awesome plug ins
  14. @ Loganart This sig is a good concept but i have to say i liked your old sig better.It had more of a sleek look while this one leaves a bit to be desired. 2.5/5 @Minoeman I really like your new sig,awesome concept and you did a good job with it.I would suggest a few sprucing up parts with the colors they look a bit flat.And for your bars,if your trying to make them look round,flip your lighting concept have a white blurred line in the middle and the darker lighting near each edge.Other than that,solid sig. 3.5/5 (4 if you fix up the colors a bit)
  15. Hi welcome to the PDN forums.The 2 pieces you have here do show potential and the fact that you made anything shows that you have potential if you keep working at it and learning. First,to be a participating member here in the forums you must cover your bases.I know your new here but now more than ever i suggest you give the rules of the forum a good read,primarily number 6. Rules http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Failure to abide by the rules can have your posts locked,removed or your account deleted (in more extreme cases).Just trying to help you have a smooth and productive stay here at the forums.If i didn't post this warning someone else would have,nothing personal. Hope to see you around the forums Happy posting!
  16. thank you very much,im glad you like it! The book turned out pretty good,keep practicing your getting the basics down
  17. @siren625 Thank you very much for your compliment.I'm really glad you like it!
  18. Thank you,im really glad you like my sig! There was a lot of brainstorming on it lol. I'd like to say that i like your sig aswell the feeling it gives me is like winter night time i really do like it a lot keep up the great work!
  19. I find you current sig pretty amazing,i really like it a lot
  20. thanks for your reply im really glad you like it,I'm not sure im ready to tackle making a tutorial quite yet but it is something for me to keep in mind for the future.A tip i could give you for creating the light rays is to use motion blur from where you want the rays and in the color you want them and motion blur it in the direction you want the rays and the desired distance and do that on multiple layers with varied opacity to give it that shine transparency,also if you look i used some blue as well which i did the same thing but moved it a bit down and used less layers with the opacity fairly low,then since you have multiple layers you have made with the motion blur at different opacity,you can go back and erase parts off of layers that look too dense and not the desired effect.I will keep in mind posting a tutorial but im hoping this may give you an idea to play around with to try it out until i decide to tackle my first tut.
  21. no prob man,practice makes perfect,the more you make the better you will get.You know you still need a sig and an avatar,maybe make pool related ones to start out with since you have a bit of experience with it. also the body of the guitar reminds me of a horseshoe crab lol http://skywalker.cochise.edu/wellerr/fossil/trilobite/6fssl-horseshoe-crab-3.jpg
  22. It looks pretty good,but i have a few suggestions if you want to try. The lines for the overhead light seem a bit too thick,you may want to trim those down,maybe use thinner lines then lower the opacity to give it an outline but not make it be overpowering. You may also want to use some textured text and have something written on the table like some tables do to make it look less plain,i know a lot of tables are just green but i think in as an art project you may want to add it to give it a little more. These are just suggestions if you want to keep them in mind.Looks like you did a good job so far though.Did you base this from a stock image? If so you should post a link to it on here. good work though keep it up!
  23. awesome good luck with everything!!!
  24. yeah for sure,youll probably make a lot of memories with that guitar!
  25. lol thats very true,they are actually narrowing it down for a hacker
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