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  1. I'd give it around a 7.5-8.5. It's pretty simple but it looks nice and works. Maybe make the shadow behind it a bit stronger so it doesn't blend into the page so much. EDIT: Bah, Ninja'd. That was for Chaz. @Shk: Very nice, but the text seems to blend in a little too much. Maybe add some sort of shadowing or darkness behind it to give a bit more contrast? 9/10 Rate: It's basically my first sig, but touched up a little. I like it much more now.
  2. Hehehe... I did this a while ago, figuring out how to do it as I went along. About half was done at home on PDN, and I also did a bit at school using GIMP Portable.
  3. I'm not aware of any portable versions at the moment, although at school I'll often use portable GIMP as a graphics editor. Please don't kill me.
  4. Very nice, I love the way the colours blend into eachother. 8/10 Rate:
  5. Argh, all these airplane/treadmill threads are so incredibly frustrating. The plane WILL accellerate as normal, (perhaps ever-so-slightly slower due to the increased friction from the treadmill) and take off. The wheels will be spinning twice as fast as normal, but this is irrelevent as the engine is delivering power to a propeller, which is dragging its way through stationary air. As for a helicopter on a turntable, if you ignore the effects of the tail rotor trying to keep the heli from madly spinning, and also ignore the fact that spinning the entire helicopter at high speeds will probably throw the whole thing apart, no, it won't take off. (if the turntable is going the opposite direction to the rotor at the same RPM as the rotor) The reason being that the engine is trying to rotate the rotor at X rpm, and if you spin the heli in the opposite direction at the same speed, you end up with a stationary rotor blade and a very very rapidly spinning helicopter. To make things even more confusing, if you put wheels on the helicopter in such a way as it could turn or pivot around it's axis, and factor in the tail rotor again, the turntable will spin but the heli will stay facing the same way (the tail rotor will counteract both the force of the main rotor trying to turn the heli, and the added friction of the wheels rolling on the turntable) Therefore, you end up with a rapidly spinning turntable, a stationary heli that is in contact with the table with some sort of circular array of wheels, and the main rotor will rotate as normal, allowing it to take off.
  6. Very nice, although I think the text is a tad too faint. 7/10
  7. Started to replicate the original, but ended up making a completely new sig.
  8. Hmmm... I'll probably have to start over then, seeing as I did this with only two layers, and I'm not sure I even kept the .pdn file of it. Should only take a few minutes though.
  9. Ok, thanks. I didn't really want to sign up to yet another site (so many passwords!) but its done and working now. So anyway, what do you think of my sig? Any ways I could improve it? That one you just posted looks amazing.
  10. Here's my first attempt at a sig: Comments/criticrisim welcome. By the way, where do you all host your sigs? I usually just upload stuff on imageshack, but it gives an ugly thumbnail no good for sigs. Any good sites that will upload a sig, where I don't have to register?
  11. I was getting bored of my old wallpaper, so I opened up a fractal flame I had rendered in Apophysis (great program btw, I reccommend you all try it out) and applied a flame plugin to it. Pretty basic, but I think it looks cool. Original: Edited: I like the original better, but the edited version is a nice change.
  12. I made this the other day. It didn't come out quite as I was hoping, but I still think it looks alright.
  13. Nice, simple tutorial. I'm pretty new with PDN, and this has taught me a bit about blending modes. I'm using this as my desktop wallpaper at the moment (hence the 1680x1050 res) The only thing I did differently to the tutorial was to use shape3d instead of bulge.
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