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  1. OH yeah here was my 5th attempt Here's one I did for a friend I tried to add like and exploding planet or something can out pretty cool
  2. I think I figured out what we did wrong set the alignment to MAX instead of Bottom and try again everytime I have done it with alignment at max it has worked out.
  3. I get the same thing about 60% of the time then one time I go in and do the same stuff and it works. I have no clue what the deal is with it. Only thing I can say is close it all and start again. I have made my sig finally but usually when I start I have to fight with figuring out why i get that pic also.
  4. Just trying to change the color of the jeep altogher, say I wanted to paint it red... ya know. My bud that has photoshop did the last one I just wanted to learn myself so I don't have to bug him again. If no one knows that is fine.
  5. No one can help... even a link to a good tutorial would help.
  6. This is my first Thread not too good at searching your forum yet but hope too learn. I have been trying this with my limited skills without success. I want to paint my Jeep! I posted on another forum and got some great responses but I figure if I can learn this then I wont have to request. So a TUT would help me out. This is what I want to do. From this. To this. I have been tinkering with it but can't make it look as pretty as this. I appreciate the help.
  7. One of the pac must not have took... reloaded and works great now. I am learning bare wit me. I am having a hard time adding a radial gradiant the way you did. What is the secret on that.
  8. I downloaded both the effects needed. I am a noob and can't find the Dents on step 13 Please help.
  9. About to make another go at it. I have never used any paint program and kinda just jumped into this one. I havn't figured out how to add the different colors the the flames and what not yet and when I added the oval bottom to the words it kept messing up and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong on that part. I still made a pretty cool picture but just couldn't get all the detail like this one. I am actually trying it again and right at step 5-6 i am lost again. I have made the linear Gradient on another layer. I just can't see how I am getting to the picture on step 6. Can't remember how I did it before lol.
  10. I did finally figure out what I did wrong on these steps... But I get lost with the simple stuff still torwards the end and brain is hurting now lol.
  11. Noob here I have been trying at this sig for about 2 hours and I Can't seem to blend the first and second layer on step 5 or 6. Not sure what I am doing wrong but all I see after blending is the linear gradiant.
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