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  1. @miners, your picture is down/deleted, which you probably already know, so I can't say much I am curious what kind of car it is? @ grayscale, wild image man. Did you make that or are you just editing it? Anyway, about the eyes; you could darken the white parts above them so they better match the rest of the gray in the picture. For the teeth, I don't know. I feel they don't really fit in with the rest of the style, but maybe that's what you're going for. They just don't have the "liquid flow" everything else does. I was trying to mess with the teeth but my pdn crashed and I lost the stuff I was working on Try lasso-ing the teeth and copying them to a new layer, then delete them on the original layer. Reselect them in the new layer with the magic wand and then delete. This should remove the whitest part and leave you a gray semi-outline of them. Then use the effects-distort-crystalize and see what you think.
  2. Hey pyrochild. I had some of your plugins on my old laptop and they're amazing. Great work! I finally got the download to work on the updated ones (2011-4-05) and I can't wait to start using them. I wanted to note for anyone who might also have trouble with the download; I needed to allow cookies from box.net to get the link to work. Otherwise I got a "User not allowed direct links" error message. Probably a noob mistake on my part. Anyway, great stuff man. Thanks again.
  3. excellent tut. very useful. i added some clouds into the mix so the water would appear to be reflecting uhh.. stuff i guess and i added a buldged name.
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