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  1. 9 hours ago, barbieq25 said:

    Can you make me a car :D I like fastbacks - esp. Mustangs circa 1970, please? Good on you for getting your head around Blender.


    Who knows, when I finally finish this one ( god knows when that will be! :D) I might even fancy doing something like that for my next project. What I am really working towards though is learning Blender enough to model my motorbike. Much trickier than a car. 


    As far as posting images is concerned I am thinking of going back to dArt. Used it before but my internet was too slow back then to really use it properly so I jacked it in. Thanks for the offer of the pdf`s , it`s really nice of you , but there really is no need to bother. :)

  2. Strange thing is that not all images are affected. Many are still there. Still not good enough though. The first I found out this was happening was when I received an email from them with new T&C`s . You think they could have at least given people a few months notice that this was going to happen instead of just changing things right out of the blue. 


    Not sure how to use PDF`s. I can read them easy enough but have never made any myself. I was thinking of going back to dArt. But for now I am too busy with Blender anyway. Made my first ever car - a BMW Z4 :bmw:. Not perfect and definitely needs refining but you have to start somewhere.


    Thanks everyone for the support. :)

  3. My apologies to all PDN forum fans if they are trying to view my Gallery or do any tutorials. Photobucket have decided to make people pay to be able to post images on forums. 3rd party hosting is now no longer available to people with free accounts. They want money. I think this is nothing short of blackmail no better than a virus demanding money for access to your files. I strongly object to this and will not be paying up. 

    While I can still upload and access my photos, the whole point of uploading them was for this forum so people could see them. 

    I may decide to find another solution but right now I have no intention of redoing all of my Gallery and tuts. 

    Once again I am sorry you can't see my images now especially on the tuts. Most inconvenient for all concerned.









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  4. Goonfella! You're here! I don't post here any more (hardly), but PDN is in use almost every day. The best program by far.


    Love the bike. And missed you!


    Yep , still here and still using PDN but ,like you Helen, I just don`t post so often now. Don`t create many images now anyway. I mainly use it for processing photos of the bike. Good to hear from you. Hope you are OK.


    Thanks lynxster. Bit cleaner now as well after that downpour.


    Here is another pic from the other side.


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  5. Hi all. Not been on much recently. This is what is keeping me away at the moment. Right now I prefer to be out on the bike. I do use PDN to process all of my photos though. This one was taken over St Ouens bay on one of our rare ( for this summer!) sunny mornings. Just by chance I somehow captured the right mirror in the left one! 



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  6. Hi everyone. Long time no see. Been doing other things for a while now. Still occasionally dabble in PDN but not as much. Did make a new image the other day so I thought I would post it up. It is based on a photo of Antarctica because I have never been able to perfect terrain in PDN. Planets and everything else is mine though.
    I`ll be popping back now and again but I don`t have so much time for PDN nowadays so images won`t be posted like they used to be.


    Hope you like the new pic.

  7. Upgraded on Thursday. Everything went smoothly , 30mins to download and 45 to install.


    I like the new look. Not a fan of the new Windows Update though. I used to check before choosing which ones to install. Now the only option is Automatic.

    As for PDN , it looks a bit different with borderless windows but works just as well as ever.

    Definitely worth the price I had to pay for it - nothing!

  8. Had a look at a few Transformer pics and you could be right there.

    I have always liked single siders as well. Makes the wheel easy to clean, the chain easy to adjust and the bike easy to put on a paddock stand. :)


    Glad you like it racerx. ;)

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