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  1. Nice TUT I started with a pic from 0 here I go: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Nice Tut I made a Button holding like my full name, Its not a button though too big to be just in its shape!! Great!
  3. well I did it in purpose, because I wanted to make it as unfocused background, and the text is what we are reading or focusing at, thank you anyways
  4. I made this Also using Pivote prgram, its good but make me sick also here
  5. Thanks topic and you oma I enjoyed this, its one of the best Tuts lol I just did what you've done in the Tut. here is my work:- Paint.net a program that took my heart *I WANT IT BAAAAAAAACK!!!!*
  6. wow, this is a great Tut But Can you tell me how to do the reflection??!!
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