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  1. omg thats amazing =D heres mine i feel so bad that i cant make anything like close to that D,=
  2. dude if you wanna look like the joker u gotta atleast have a digital picture that where my problem starts D=
  3. thanks ill try =D like dis????? ok it worked here but it wont work anywhere else =/ why is that????
  4. how do i make a website banner and when u click on the banner u can go to that website
  5. lol ya i keep trying it still comesout the same to dark lol
  6. ya thats pretty much wha i did only diffrence is instead of manuelly drwing thee make up on a made a new layer from the original and put 3 dots on top lip 3 dots on bottom lip (red) then i used the smudge effect it works wonders really =D
  7. ohhh sorry bout that..... well ya its webcam and the only reason y im not usen camera pics is a icant find my cored D= so maybe u can just use a pic c of someone else and make a tut or sumtin? pls @007 Nab what doesnt kill you just makes you stranger!
  8. ok confusing =D lol and that website says "There is also a 400k image size limit" which all mine are over 400k still dont get it i have the Unfreeze thing
  9. ok like this is what i wanna be able to do like add text to it how?
  10. @saabo ya i know when i was merginf the layers it looked best in color burn =D and thanks @crimson thanks and ill try it out and ill put my work up when i finish omg now that i think about it this really suks! i like the original better
  11. or 1.i know i have a big forehead 2.i know im ugly 3.say whatever u want idc lol 4.as u can se i am very positive =D heres my try =( i couldnt get it any better ima need like a tut or sumtin please =D
  12. i wanna look jokerish =D i will work as long as it takes will u help me?
  13. ok simply im obsessed with the joker :shock: lol and i want to know if i could do it or atleast someone show me how to make it look jokerish? or change skin color and hair color like make the skin whitei add the red to my face and lips the black to my eyes (maybe) and change my hair color (short hair) is it possible?
  14. the bottom is the original i was just messin round wit rest
  15. i forgot wat i was originally replying too D= jeez im a noob lol
  16. oh oops so sorry im new :oops: .....but thx for telling me =D
  17. can u make like a tutorial or sumthin for some of these man please me be so happy =D <----seeeeee :AddNoise:
  18. ummm this is kinda what came out what do u think i did wrong? can u help please :?:
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