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  1. Wow that helped sooo much theres what i did if there was a rep system here i would def. +rep you
  2. very nice tut i tried it twice but they both looked very bad once i get a result im happy with i wall post it thanx again for a great tut
  3. could someone please tell me how to get a flawless brushed metal effect ive tried many times and cant get it right ive included an example of what im searching for yes i saw the tuts on the site but non of them pleased me lol
  4. the problem i was having was that i had to many brushes i had around 800 i think but now i only have 150 and it works most of the time
  5. looks great this was my first time doing this tutorial but ive been working with paint.net for about 1 year now
  6. Hello im new to the forums but anyways heres me try i changed some things
  7. 7/10 the water reflection doesnt match the rest but the everything else looks great
  8. ok i am brand new to these forums but if you want to see my work its here http://www.tylertut.webs.com and the crashing of my paint.net has caused me to use photoshop which i do not like everytime i try to use the custom brush tool paint.net crashes somebody please help me with this issue this is what i get in the pdn crash log
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