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  1. Yes, I already have seen this little bug, but this is not a problem in my code but a problem with some mis-encoded bitmaps.... The problem is that Windows (XP up to Vista) doesn't support 32bits bitmaps, and they shift properly written bitmapts by 1px. Others applications and OS doesn't (try opening your images with Safari for Windows, you should not see the 1px-shiftage). In a future version, I could give the possibility to read/write the bitmap in both formats. But because nobody has responded to my message, I've not worked on my plugin anymore because he worked well for my own use. If you are interested, I can publish another version in 1 or 2 weeks (now I've examens at school). Fremy
  2. Why not add a button to 'browse' a frame from the disk (and add it to the custom frame folder, as option) ?
  3. Moderators Note: Support for 32-Bit (with alpha) Bitmaps has been built into Paint.NET since v4.2. If you want to edit .MSSTYLES or another DLL or ressources files (to make new skin/style for Windows XP or another application that use 32bpp bitmaps), you will probably see that a great amount of images the windows's skins are using are 32bits-bitmaps. And when you open these bitmaps on almost all applications, the alpha chanel is dropped due to the non-support of this sort of BMP in Windows Bitmap Loading API (for win 3.1 / win 95 historical reasons). Paint.NET doesn't escape from the rule and load/save bitmaps as they were in 24bpp. This plugin allow you to open and save file in 32-bit bitmap. The only thing you must do is to rename it to *.bmpx (to avoid conflit with the existing PDN's BMP handler). If you try to open non-BMP files, you should receive an error (rem: 24bpp bitmaps are loaded correcty too). This plugin is perfectible and I'll publish updates if you find bugs/things to change. Changelog [2.6 <== 1.xx] : - Application optimised - Fixed a problem of 1px translation on Windows - Support now all bitmaps (and not only 32bpp) Moderators Note: Find the a new version of this plugin here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/11201-alpha-32bits-bitmap-support-for-paintnet/?do=findComment&comment=308033 BMP32 Paint.NET FileType.zip SourceCode.zip
  4. Ok, I'll see if I can implements this code into Paint.Net or not. I've downloaded the code, but I must install VS2008 because the project doesn't open in VS2005. I'll see if it's possible to do it quickly (Express editions are very light) and then I'll try to edit the code.
  5. Here's the code that make it working whitout any problem : http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/twaindotnet.aspx
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