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  1. Lance and gregors Thank you for suggestions. I'd like to do so , but I can't do , because I'm Beginner of programing. About anti-aliasing pyjo's Basic Antialiasis so good. When I was creating Perspective Effect , I tried to add it . but , I could not work it :oops: About UI All my plugins were created by code Lab. To change UI , I must study Visual C# .But I have no time to study it now. :oops: However ,  I'd like to do update , someday
  2. Thank you , BoltBait A tutorial to gold is so good! I love all your plugins!
  3. ? sorry , my english is poor. I might be misunderstanding your comment. already , it was moved to Effect > Text Formations , when it was v1.1 .
  4. Wow! My topic of pack is Sticky? though I am still a beginner of C#, anyway , I'm so glad! Thank you ,everybody. and I wish you have fun using my pulgins :wink: you are always rooting for me . Thank you so much!
  5. to 007 Nab , LFC4EVER you are welcome
  6. 2014-05-04 8.1 pack released Download dpyplugins8.1.zip All dpy's plugin works in PDN3.5.11 and PDN4.0Beta(build5226) If this is useful for you, I am glad. for Japanese people-> Download Japanese version for Russian people-> Download Russian version (8.1th set pack . This was translated by xmario . Thank you xmario . ) After you downloaded "dpyplugins.zip", unzip it. There are all dll files in "dpyplugins". Please move or copy ***.dll file into your \program files\Paint.NET\effects. Menu > Adjustment Black and Alpha+ topic Changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency. Color Balance+ topic Enhanced color balance with Highlight, Shadow & Midtonal adjustments. Menu > Effects > Color Multi-Threshold topic Eenables the plural threshold. Menu > Effects > Distort Rotate_Zoom+ update! topic "Rotate/Zoom+" plugin can be selected the three types.(bicubic, bilinear, Nearest Neighbor) Menu > Effects > Distort Perspective Effect (v2.0) topic Perspective Effect and Trapezoid transform of your image by adjusting the height &/or width of the sides. Menu > Effects > Object AA's Assistant soften the edges , and adjust alpha. No topic a detailed explanation (Japanese and English) http://paintnet.web....aaassistant.htm Menu > Effects > Color Metallize topic Applies a chrome or metallic sheen to an image. Menu > Effects > Text Formations Sub menu "Text Formations" is created by installing these plugins. Text+ update! Topic specify the line spacing and drawing position ,and change Pitch of Font . Circle Text topic Writes text into a circle. Rotate Text Writes text on an angle. No topic Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .RotateText.dll .RotateTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use RotateTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that decreased Text input box) Spiral Text topic Writes text on a spiral. Wave Text topic Writes text on a sine wave. Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .WaveText.dll .WaveTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use WavwTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that excepted "bold" and "Italic") Speech Bubble topic Make speech bubble and writes text in it. ************************************************************************************** simple tools These are plug-in which I use for myself. Very simple, and may be useful for you. or・・・・・・Might be just a waste for you. These does not have a UI. 1px Expansion Menu > Effects > Distort This is a plug-in to help fill colors of shapes or Manga. Use to the image that was painted by "bucket" on a transparent layer. Example Hidden Content: Alpha to 0 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to zero alpha. Use when you want to keep the RGB data, as well as "eraser". Alpha to 255 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to 255 alpha. Replace the erased images by "Alpha to 0" or "eraser". Example Hidden Content: *****History***** 2014/04/28 8.0th set pack released ********* DL 1,037 2012/08/26 7.0tn set pack released ********* DL 63,393 2012/03/22 6.1th set pack released ********* DL 14,845 2012/03/10 6.0th set pack released 2011/05/22 5.2th set pack released Circle , Spiral ,and Wave Text was update. 2010/06/06 5.1th set pack released. update "Black and Alpha+" 2010/04/05 5th set pack released in celebration of the movement of the forum. Speech Bubble up date 2010/03/21 4th set pack released. added 2 new plug-ins Speech Bubble Multi Threshold 2010/03/13 3rd set pack released. update "Perspective Effect" 2010/02/27 2nd set pack released. new plugin "AA's Assistant" update "Perspective Effect" add icon "Text Formations family" These icons were created by Boude. Thank you Boude. 2009/10/25 1st set pack released.
  7. Thank you for information.umm..I know both topics , but I thank for your consideration. yes! Your advice is always good for me! and...i can not say well... anyway I will look at the BlendModesPlus source! Thank you !!
  8. barkbark00,Leif Thank you for coment yes , I also think so. and , I am studying VSC# now . but , it is so difficult for me than CodeLab .:oops: I got possible recently to create an exe file(only WindowsFormsApplication). next , I will challenge to create dll file for PDN by VSC#. When this pluguin will become compact UI , I will call it v2.0
  9. This is new family of "Text Fomations" After i created Spiral Text , I asked myself "How another Madjick's plugin-sin curves ?" yes , this plugin writes the character in the sin curve. Menu > Effects > Text Formations > Wave Text UI this is Full size UI This UI is so long. size is 351x792 . I'd like to compact it , but I can not create UI myself without CodeLab. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use short size UI. Short size UI is except "bold" and "Italic" , size is 351x738 I prepare two dll files Choice Full size UI or Short size UI. How to use It looks like Spiral Text well. It is very easy though there are a lot of adjustments. I explain only the thing which you are hard to understand. ( It is because of my strange english naming...). change x/y This exchanges x for the value of y and changes the horizontal wave into the vertical . Picth of charactor The pitch of the character has been decided only in the direction of x. Angle of start It means the start angle of the sine curve. If it is 90, it starts from the top of the wave. However, it is not accurate. It shifts a little. I think that there is a mistake in the program. Sound wave It raise a wave or lower it or the both. I was not able to take a just name. Symmetry This is a lie, too. You must adjust the start of the angle to make it symmetry precisely. Reverse this is correct. anywawy enjoy! Download 
  10. Thank you for help ,Simon Brown. and today , i looked the question about this plugin on "General Discussion & Questions". Post subject: Circle Text fonts spacing weird? New postPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:26 am Anser: It is impossible in this version . I did not think well about Proportional Font. Because , I am a Japanese , and Japanese font is almost Monospace Font. The English letter to be included in Japanese font is Monospace Font also. It fix by the next version.(maybe next Sunday) In this version , When you use the small letter,please use Monospace Font. In my PC's English Font , "BatangChe" "Courier New" "DotumChe" "GunsuhChe" "ISOCTEUR" "Lucida Consle" "MingLiU" "SimSun". These are OK
  11. Ray Hi Ray , Thank you , and ,sorry. I missed this topic. I am glad you like this plugins. and thank you , all PDN heavy user. CS files dose not need to use this plugin on PDN. please delete the folder "TextFormations\CSfiles" in your "c:\program Files\Paint.Net\Effects"
  12. to Boude thank you for comment , always to Patarien I was waiting for a suggestion like you. in my case , I want pack of the dll files and the cs files , but I didn't know how everyone was. thank you. :wink: But please wait next up date or new topic. and , notice. maybe all my plugin is ok on PDN beta3. I tested already.
  13. LFC4EVER ,you are welcome I have the intention of my all plugin topic. maybe I will make it after released correct PDN v3.5 . Thank you. I tested all my plugin only a few minutes on 3.5beta. maybe all no problem . but I can not say "perfect OK". When correct PDN version 3.5 and Codelab for PDN v3.5 are released officially , I will say "All my plugin is for PDN v3.5"
  14. "Spiral Text" in plugin set "Text Formations" has a bug , crashes when the radius is set to '0'. bug fixes ,update,"Spiral Text v1.1". please re-download.
  15. notice. Added Reverce redution ratio. Problem of Letter space is solved by v1.2 . I checked that this work PDN v3.5.4 . It's OK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the plugin by barkbark00's suggestion. This plugin writes text on a spiral. I wish you use together other Text Fomations Family. Menu Effects -> Text Formations -> SpiralText enjoy! How to use Warning You can not use some fonts in this plugin.(it does not support font style "Regular") If you choice it , pop-up window for error message opens . click "ok" , font changes "Arial". Download Many Thanks This is created by CodeLab. and This is base on EER's CodeLab sample "Font Names" Thank you , BoltBait and Ego Eram Reputo. UPDATE 10/25/2009 v1.2 upload Added : Reverce redution ratio. fixed : Problem of Letter space is solved fixed : radius changed length to center of charactor from center of circle and etc 10/11/2009 v1.1 Bug fixes 10/10/2009 version 1.0 upload
  16. I can not understand american joke always , but I could understand your joke! Ok!! Spiral Text Soon coming !
  17. It is very interesting suggestion. If I create it , it will be another plugin , not option of "circle text" . But sorry , I am not an excellent programmer like Madjik. However , it is possible to render one words repeatedly for the simple spiral. I tested it . Look at the "attachments". long text? Separate text by 1 character , like "circle text"? and render spiral? I do not know whether I can write a code for it. I will develop it , if you are OK that this is only repeatedly plugin. And , I will make a new thread , and upload test-version. BTW , I have to update "Circle Text" before it.
  18. added exsample2 by barkbark00's idea and I replaced an old CS file with new v1.0 CS file
  19. To Whizzy,Neil Cassidy you are welcome. although a fake perspective.
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