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  1. Glad you can make your own as the defaul has some rather odd colour choices... Also, on the 'help' pages, I was looking at this, but all the links appear to go straight to advertising rather than the actual links they're supposed to go to.
  2. I've been wondering about this since I was making a book cover. Would it be possible to have text (or objects, even) in a selected area and write a plug-in that then evenly spaces them horizontally? I guess you'd have to make it so that it selects anything that's not the background (so, say write the text in a layer with no background colour), then any groups of objects that are less than a user-determined distance apart are grouped as words (spacing between letters in a word being smaller than spaces between words). These blocks are then spaced evenly within the selected area, except at the sides of that area. Anyone know how that could be written? I haven't the foggiest idea how to write a plug-in...
  3. I rate this tutorial as "immensely useful". If I had some sort of authority to back that up with, that would probably mean more... I felt mildly destructive, so I used this effect and made this:
  4. Ha ha! Should have explained - it's a diagram of some interactions in a metal cluster. Probably doesn't make it any clearer, but the important thing is that it's a shiny picture... In fact, it does exactly what your signiture line picture says and saves me writing it up for a paper. [/nobel prize win]
  5. Wooohooo! I never thought I'd get that ecited about egg shapes! Thanks! CB
  6. This is an awesome plugin. If there was a way to make it so the sphere could be made aymmetric (so you could have a round top half and a elongated bottom), there'd be a lot of happy chemists about... (trying to find a simple orbital maker is a pain).
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