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  1. Well, now the only thumbnail that works is SNAG-0011.png, all other thumbnails are broken :? . When you clic on them you get the "this image or video has been moved or deleted" picture. Could you fix this please?
  2. I've been using Paint.NET for a few months now, and so far, I'm in love with it! Here are some of the wallpapers I've done with it (clic thumbnails for full size). In chronological order (DD-MM-YYYY): 01-11-2007 These were made as part of a Windows XP Theme, for a college assignment: Mayan Wallpaper 1 Mayan Wallpaper 2 04-12-2007 Earth & Moon Wallpaper 05-12-2007 Eva Mendez - Antique Wallpaper 06-12-2007 Firefox On Fire! - Wallpaper Firefox On Fire! - Water Wallpaper 31-12-2007 Año Nuevo 2008 - Wallpaper 27-02-2008 Earth & Moon 3D Wallpaper Earth &
  3. I would love to see a tutorial on how to do this kind of brushed metal texture Ash. Can you please make one? Cheers!
  4. @silverhammer: Man, that is awesome, I didn't know that! This makes it reaally easy to deal with very small selections! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Here's what I came up with: Earth & Moon 3D Wallpaper *EDIT* Forgot this one: Earth & Moon - Water Wallpaper Very nice tutorial!
  6. No, there is not such functionality in Paint.NET, at least that I'm aware of . Why not try the tons of free options in the internet? I could recommend you FastStone Photo Resizer. It's freeware, simple to use, has a good set of options, it's elegant and it's fast. Good luck! :o
  7. I've had this problem before, just like you. It seems that the selection is so small, that you are still dragging one of the nubs by accident. Try and look if your cursor is like this when you're dragging it. It should be like this: (but without the cross and black arrow). Is there a smilie for this cursor? I couldn't find it. If the selection is so small that you cannot make the cursor change, try moving the selection with the arrow keys, since your image size is 16x16, it should be quick enough. Hope this helps. *EDIT* I just went ahead and took a screenshot of the cursor, so you k
  8. Mmmm, maybe because the GIF format only supports 256 colors? Maybe the colors of your mesh are being excluded when you export to GIF. Have you tried using the PNG format? In your post there's a typo, and I don't know if you refer to PNG, or PDN: Anyway, the PNG file format is newer than GIF, and is perfectly suited for web use. Maybe not a straight answer, but hope this helps.
  9. Wow! Tnx! Actually, I had to flip it horizontally, then vertically, then Shape3D. But your help put me in the right track! Thank you very much! Double tnx for helping so fast! You have no idea how long I've been struggling with this... Finally! This is the result: Original: My version:
  10. Hi. I'm new to the forums and in need of help. I need to make my own version of this image: Image1 Alberti Cipher Disc Using the Shape3D plugin, I get this effect: Image2 Example: A-Z text after Shape3D is applied Image3 My version of the disc, sadly, sans the letters The settings for Shape3D (ver. I used: Shape: Sphere -Texture Map: Full sphere map Object rotation -Axis1: 90° -Axis3: 180° Anti-Alias: ON Lightning: Off Specular Light: Off Every other setting was as default. If you look closely, you can see that the way the letters surround the "disc" in image1 (orig
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