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  1. I'm totally being OCD today, but I think those are Mandelbrots Oh, my mistake. It took me some time to make them not look, "One ended" I didn't want to use gaussian blur again, since I use that for everything :?
  2. Might kind of old now, but, I made these in my spare time. Have fun with 'em. You'll have to color them in yourself, sorry. I did some of them with the "Julia" Fractal renderer. Making these are pretty easy, draw a basic circle, use the pencil tool and make it have "Sharp" sides, don't make it perfectly though, they won't be noticed, then, do Gaussian blur, and you're done. I'm so sorry they look so ugly enlarged Just use them at size 15-10 and it won't be noticed. EG:
  3. I was making some custom brushes for blood for the custom brush plug in, I was also trying out layer opacity and the cloud renderer, and this is the result.
  4. Yes, yes yes!!!! Finnaly, custom brushes! It's been so long... Photoshop will soon stand in the shadow of Paint.Net! Also, does anyone have more custom brushes for this?
  5. 100% Pdn. Was supposed to be a avatar, but I never used it.
  6. Made a quick wall paper Was practicing with layer image fragments.
  7. I dunno what it is, whatever it is, I think it's sort of ugly, I'll be working on this project, turn 2 buildings, a streetlamb, and a few transparent pixel people, into a sort of "Dead" City feeling.
  8. How'd you make a fractal? Did you make it in PDN, or Apophysis?
  9. Gomeriffic, not to offend you or anything, but you're going to have to move on from those wings... I mean, it doesn't seem like you're doing much, except putting an object inbetween them, and the wings look like they're from this font anyways... ... asst=alpha k.diggennaro, I gave it transparency, maybe you could AA the sides, and give it a bulge in the bright spot?
  10. Nice use of shape 3d, I can see how easy (Unless that offends you) and simple it is to make this thing, The earth is from one of the tut's here isn't it? And the water is one of the plugins availible here, other wise, even though its a little simple, it's pretty cool. Edit: You should A-A the planets sides, they look a bit pixelated.
  11. Made a little abstract-clouds thingy that I don't really know what kind of art/image/whatever you call it/ is called, If you want to learn how to do this, just pm me.
  12. Transparency was overdue a long time ago Sorry that I had to redo the text, it's just that the font you used is really tricky when using the magic wand to get out all the white :oops: . Anyways, enjoy! Edit: Oh, sorry, gonna fix that, xD Edit2:Done, It's got transparency now.
  13. I made this in 3.20, It was the first picture I ever tried to make from scratch, I didn't know that layers could Isolate certain images, and this was done completely in 1 layer ,(Which made it so much more of a hassle.) The rose was from this tutorial, Hope you enjoy it(I don't think it's very good ) It's originally 1000x800, downsized it to fit the size limit.