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  1. The upper left on is the original picture, but the sky semed a bit to blue for me, so I was trying with different colors - this was the result:
  2. Did I told you latetly that I love this "read-the-rules"-postings At the moment It seems that every third or fourth posting has the same content like that!
  3. Its looking very hard and sharp to me....! Maybe a bit too much! Like to have it a bit more soft: or:
  4. Nothing special, but WARHAMMER:ONLINE is coming and I am prepared:
  5. If you copy the puzzle-piece to an empty layer you can use the "outline"plug-in to do the frame very easy!
  6. Hengjjie Brass, Taizhou Hengjie Cuprum Ind. Ltd., Qinggang Yuhuan Country, SCI-Tech Ind Park 317606, Zhejiang, China Some kind of shipping-instructions from this morning!
  7. At the moment they are working on a Commodore-Basic-Coversion! :wink:
  8. My first serious work! Wanted to have a new style for my own desktop - not one of this boring landscape and self-shot-family-pictures, which everybody has! Original is about 1280 x 1024, per mail on demand!
  9. Sigs: As you might know I am from Hamburg: ... and I am playing Blood Bowl (the head was not made by myself at all): Lovin' this game: Backgrounds A try with our official BB-League-Logo: And our beloved HSV: Misc It was a boring and dull evening.... To be continued.....!