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  1. Here's a web interface i designed for my school club. I'm still not quite happy with it though, there's this feeling that something's not right, so i thought i should get more ideas & suggestions on how to make it look better. Hope you guys can help Click for a larger view and more details.
  2. @ oma, janettsue & topezia: thanks guys! @ janettsue: That looks great! It's like a canvas painting. I suggest maybe making the background lighter?
  3. @ topezia: Really love your 2nd piece. It reminds me of old ancient artifacts. Maybe you could try making the whole thing gold-colored with a little bit of rust for that treasure look? I'm sure it'll look great. Here's a little something which i've been working on for quite a long time. 100% PdN. Click for larger view. It's been a very very very long time since i last posted anything! Thought i'd get back again by sharing one of my works with you guys.
  4. cool tut! here's my try: also tried to recreate the dice and background:
  5. Should I use as my sig? I can't decide between this or my current one. The one I just made was much more complex in the making. your new sig looks nice and simple, how bout a 9? i think it looks better than your current one though. @oma: nice!
  6. @barkbark00: thanks! @bugster: thanks! edited, put a thumbnail instead.
  7. first post! thought i started off by posting one of my pics.. i started off with gradient bars and came to this... click for larger view.
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