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  1. I need to know whether or not I can reduce image file sizes - for free? I made them using Paint.Net (obviously) and wanted to put them onto Bebo to make a custom background, turns out they're too big. I've searched but couldn't find an answer. Any suggestions?
  2. If it's just a simple background, use the magic wand tool ( ) but otherwise see cutting out images the easy way V2.0
  3. Even though I know how it's done, I love your sig. 8.5/10 (harsh or fair or too high?) I've got a new sig, spent ages trying to work out what I should do for it...
  4. POOF: You get an idea that cannot be corrupt, but your computer crashes and gets an un-defendable virus. I wish Resident Evil 5 was out in the UK, I had a genuine copy and I became the best player. Ever.
  5. 1. Yeah, that's what I mean. 2. Aah, slight problem there then. (never mind I would hardly have won anyway...) P.S: @ Andrew(Do tell me if you find this annoying, I will stop it if it is) Is that Wesker in your sig?
  6. New sig created 100% in PDN and 100% by accident! Thoughts?
  7. @ Andrew: Sorry? Don't understand what you're saying (unless you that mean if I win, I get to choose). @Anyone: Am I allowed to edit my entry 'cause I kinda just made a sig that owns my entry. I doubt I am, but it's worth a try.
  8. Mine would have been better but the word simplistic... hoe aout the one after this (so soon!) be a 'fancy' based one (providing that hasn't already happened)? Please
  9. I reckon even I could make that tut, providing I installed shapes3d... Infact, I'll get right on it (don't worry, I have readable grammar and know where the print screen button is) :wink: Edit: On second thoughts, I'll leave it to the professionals (look down).
  10. I. Can't Do. It... I do all the steps then on the part when you click 'ok' it tells me the file's being used... I got it off Dafont.com if that helps? Ok , now I finally got it installed but PaintDotNet doesn't have it in the drop down menu... I must be missing something obvious...
  11. Simplistic enough? First post, first attempt at a competition and yes, I have read some tutorials and also the rules... Anyway... :oops:
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