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  1. Ummmmm I don't think this plug-in have much use... You can't really mimic the effects of a fly ACTUALLY being swatted after a simple lasso and a swat.
  2. Hello guys, I found Paint.Net recently and downloaded the V3.10 It is a lot better than Paint, but a little difficult to adjust to the editing options. I liked your tutorial, and I finally made my first button with a glassy look. The script (.dll) code lab file for the second button didn't work. Can anyone help me? I downloaded it and placed it in the effects folder. I ran it but it says error, and none of the options you described worked. But anyways I still have at least one way of making a button glassy. I tried to replicate a few of the "web 2.0" buttons, so once learnt I can make a few myself. The blue button and the butterfly with the single white light are mine, but the others are the end result of other people's successful buttons. Can anyone give me a tutorial on making other buttons? I tried my best on the first two. Thanks.
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