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  1. Ya, this was a really good tutorial. My first one turned out bloody potato, but my second was pretty good.
  2. Yeah...sorry. I forgot to save the source and had named it FlySwatter (first thing that came to mind at the time). If you'll take a closer look at the "after" picture I attatched, you'll see that it can give the picture a somewhat colorful metallic effect. Not much use, but it looks somewhat cool on certain settings. It's my first plugin, and I haven't really figured out how to do distortion effects yet. Only color-changing stuff. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for distortion effects?
  3. It's...kinda hard to explain. I'll upload the original image as well. It basically applies a weird effect that makes it look shiny, metallic, and colorful.
  4. It's my first plugin, entitled "FlySwatter"...and it does cool stuff to pictures. Comments, questions, concerns? Edit by Rick: Renamed thread title to reflect the name of the plugin. I have no idea why it was titled "Overdrive Plugin" when the plugin is actually called "FlySwatter."