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  1. Ummmmm I don't think this plug-in have much use... You can't really mimic the effects of a fly ACTUALLY being swatted after a simple lasso and a swat.
  2. Hello guys, I found Paint.Net recently and downloaded the V3.10 It is a lot better than Paint, but a little difficult to adjust to the editing options. I liked your tutorial, and I finally made my first button with a glassy look. The script (.dll) code lab file for the second button didn't work. Can anyone help me? I downloaded it and placed it in the effects folder. I ran it but it says error, and none of the options you described worked. But anyways I still have at least one way of making a button glassy. I tried to replicate a few of the "web 2.0" buttons, so once learnt I can make a
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