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  1. Thanks, Updates is always welcome. A small change that I want to see is a real time font changes, like Office 2007. I don't know if it is difficult to implement.
  2. I made some tests, In a 800x600 white image I have this results. very small :wink:
  3. Its right Paint can't open. Irfanview open. Windows Photo Gallery (defaut viewer Windows Vista) opens too. Any Joint Photographic Experts Group Doctor online?
  4. I dont know if it is a bug or a image error, I can open this image in anywhere, but no in Paint.Net 3.20 beta1. The message is this: Maybe others can confirm. PS: It is Helen from Claymore. :wink:
  5. I am try to find bugs, until now I only find a small issue. About Radius Blur. The start angle value is "2" click to down two times it change to 360, ok, but if I try to up again it don't set it to "1" remains 360. Maybe the issue is with the down button. This alpha 2 is very nice. Thanks.
  6. Glow and Soften Portrait use the combination of two other effects, maybe in many situations I want 0 of softness or 0 of in radius. Zero is important to me. :oops: Edit: I use zero for example to clean scanned figures.
  7. I have a question about effects. Now Glow have radius between 1 and 20 (previous is 0-20) Soften Portrait rave softness 1 and 10 (previous is 0-10) The effect at zero is the same at 1(one) in 3.20? I think that zero scale is out of others controls too.
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