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  1. Thanks, anyway here another edited image. Before After
  2. This is very good, is it all done in Paint.Net ? If so please tell me how you did it 8) Im working on a castle and this looks like it would come in very handy ! I think its a photo manipulated with oil painting. If you go here, i say how i did it. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21228&start=15
  3. I've been experimenting a bit, if you the median the image, copy the layer then use out line, auto adjust, the set to multiply it gives a pretty good effect, at least for me it did. if it is a colour image turn the top layer, the one with contours into a black and white image. You can get rid of some of the unwanted contour lines by using pencil sketch. example. Original - After - EDIT - Soften Portrait on the contour layer and adjust the softness can also get rid of some unwanted contour lines.
  4. Combined with the rose tutorial. Kind of like a cave/hole.....thing and softened a bit. 100% PDN
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