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  1. I have worked to get this done maby it is not use full for some people but it is use full for me and other people i just make it to use the Transparency-alpha colours when you need 'em Please rate this!!!!!!!!!!! You Can download the plugin from this url http://www.uploading.com/files/5ART8597/Transparency-alpha_colours.txt.html to install it go to My Doucments>Paint.NET User Files>*save it there Thanx waiting for replays
  2. well tell me wot is the use for it and do i have to wait 2 houre to save a file with avi 1mb
  3. nah some pulgin names get Translation but other no and some other pugin dose not apper either
  4. lol but some pugin dosent work like dents & lens dude
  5. i am asking for inline object so it will make for me easy to make a orb
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